Regis Philbin Smacks Nicki Minaj's Butt (VIDEO)

Nicki Minaj appeared on "Live! with Regis and Kelly" from Las Vegas Monday, where the new queen of hip hop performed and then stood for the standard Q&A with the show's hosts.

What she might not have expected, though, was the special greeting she got from host Regis Philbin in the form of a smack on her butt.

"I love the way you dress," Regis told the 25-year-old singer. Then, eyeing her hemline, and with a smack to the backside, he said, "it looks like you have a little strap around you there, you know what I mean?"

Regis's co-host, Kelly Ripa, was shocked, shouting, "Regis! What just happened?!"

Later, Regis also made an off-color joke.

As Nicki Minaj said that Lil Wayne gave her advice, telling her to "Go hard," Regis chimed in: "Go hard? Wish I could!"

"I was in shock!" Minaj tweeted about the smack.