The Most Ridiculous Crafts On (PHOTOS)

The Most Ridiculous Crafts On (PHOTOS)

Arts and crafts was always a favorite in elementary school, but like most things from our youth, its legacy has been completely corrupted by the Internet. The site has done a fabulous job of allowing burgeoning artists to display and sell their work; however, in the process has allowed some differently-talented craftspeople to join their ranks. Regretsy, one of our favorite recent blogs, is documenting these pieces of art, and showing us that online marketplaces are full of incredibly unique wares. Here are some of the oddest arts and crafts that Regretsy has highlighted. Vote for the most ridiculous, and don't forget to check out all the other great items on Regretsy. You can also pick up a copy of Regretsy's new book on Amazon!

Bieber + Unicorn

PHOTOS: The Internet's Weirdest Arts & Crafts

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