'Rehab With Dr. Drew': Patient Hospitalized After Running Away From Treatment (VIDEO)

Dr. Drew and his team had to make a tough call on the latest episode of "Rehab with Dr. Drew." After Drewbee wandered away from the treatment facility, Dr. John Sharp and the team made the decision to have him committed to a hospital.

According to Dr. Sharp, the decision was made largely because of Drewbee's behavior leading up to the incident where he essentially ran away from treatment. He'd become more withdrawn and private with his thoughts since a family weekend, so there was concern about him out in the world on his own during that period of time.

"Drewbee may not be happy to be transferred to a hospital, but he has decided to listen to Dr. Sharp’s recommendation and he is going willfully," Dr. Drew explained on the show. He said he would work with the family to prepare them for "this next level of care."

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