'Modern Family' Star Confirms He's Gay In A Totally Nonchalant Way

Reid Ewing says he was "never in" the closet.

"Modern Family" actor Reid Ewing opened up about his struggles with body dysmorphia in a blog for HuffPost Healthy Living last week. The 27-year-old star continued to share personal news in the media discussion that followed the blog, confirming that he is gay in a totally nonchalant tweet. 

On Saturday, Ewing, who plays Dylan in a recurring "Modern Family" guest role, swooned over Eugene Bata, who appeared in a "Good Morning America" segment about body dysmorphia, on Twitter. 

When one of his Twitter followers questioned whether he was using the remarks as a method of coming out of the closet, Ewing responded:

In case there was any confusion, Ewing followed that up by sharing a vintage gif of Marilyn Monroe, along with the following tweet.  

Short, sweet and to the point! 

Welcome to the family, Reid! 

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