Reid Ribble Calls Ted Yoho's Debt Ceiling Perspective 'Crazy Talk'

Rep. Reid Ribble (R-Wis.) took a shot at a Republican colleague during an interview with MSNBC's Chris Hayes on Monday.

Hayes brought Ribble on to discuss the continuing resolution to fund the government, the looming debt ceiling deadline and the mounting discord among Republican members of Congress since the government shutdown. The MSNBC host asked Ribble why House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) won't bring the continuing resolution to the House floor when the whip count shows a clean bill would pass.

Ribble deflected the question, saying the Republican Party has "done a series of clean things" over the past few months. He said discussion of a continuing resolution is "kind of a side show" to the debt ceiling, and that the deadline for raising it, just over a week away, is "a really critical juncture in this country's economy" that needs to be addressed.

"Your colleague, Congressman Yoho, said that actually breaching the debt ceiling would 'bring stability to financial markets,'" Hayes said. "Do you agree with him?"

"No, not at all," Ribble responded. "I think that is just crazy talk."

Hayes was referring to an Oct. 4 Washington Post interview, in which Yoho said he had no plans to vote for raising the debt limit.

“I think we need to have that moment where we realize [we’re] going broke,” Yoho told the Post.



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