Reid: Congressional Republicans Want Obama To Fail

Reid: Congressional Republicans Want Obama To Fail

Republicans want President Obama to fail -- at least that's how Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid sees it. "It's very clear, they've made a decision they want President Obama to fail," the Nevada Democrat told reporters Tuesday.

Reid would not name names, but said "there's a significant number of Republicans out there who want the president to fail."

"I think it's very clear as a result of actions since Obama was elected that people want him to fail," Reid said. "Some have said so. Others have just acted accordingly."

Politico adds that Reid defended Obama, saying the president was right to pursue an ambitious agenda, and warned that he may soon call for weekend votes if Republicans try to filibuster legislation. The $410 billion omnibus spending bill is before the Senate this week; Republicans have called on Obama to veto the package.

Rush Limbaugh has drawn some heat from Republicans for saying he wants the president to fail. But most of those critics have soon recanted and praised the talk show host -- most recently Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele.

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