Reince Priebus Brawls With MSNBC's Thomas Roberts: 'Apply For A Job In The Obama Administration' (VIDEO)

RNC Chair's Explosive Argument With MSNBC Host

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MSNBC's Thomas Roberts and RNC chair Reince Priebus didn't have a very friendly chat about the government shutdown on Thursday.

How do we know this? Maybe it was when Priebus called the conversation a "joke," and told Roberts to "apply for a job in the Obama administration," and Roberts looked like he was ready to reach through the screen and throttle Priebus, and told Priebus that he needed a "civics lesson," and at the end of the conversation, Roberts told Priebus that he was glad to have had him on, and Priebus almost spat out, "Oh sure, yeah, lovely" in response.


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