Age Didn't Stop This Woman From Reinventing Her Career Later In Life

Karen Love had worked in the news media industry for over 30 years when, instead of hanging up her hat when reaching retirement age a few years ago, she went back to school and received a degree in sociology and a master's degree in gerontology.

Love told HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd on Tuesday that she wanted to help senior citizens realize their importance and so, with her new degrees, accepted a position at the Community Connections, an community-based organization that helps seniors in Detroit enrich their lives.

"I decided why not use my skills that I've honed over the years along with my degree in sociology, and work with seniors?" Love said. "And who better? Here I was, over 65, and realizing that with the growing numbers of seniors, they were going to need someone that spoke their same language."

It's been the norm for people of retirement age to "sit down in a rocking chair and read every day," Love said, but wasting her talents wasn't an option.

"I really have a lot of skills and a lot of knowledge that I could share with other individuals, and the Community Connection aspect of it was just perfect for me to fall into," Love said. "And by doing that ... through what I do at Community Connection, we help individuals to discover the gifts and talents they have."

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