Rejecting Hate, Renouncing Trump

We, the undersigned persons from the community at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, denounce the statements made by Donald Trump regarding banning Muslims from the United States.

The hate, fear, and bigotry Mr. Trump promotes stand in stark opposition to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While Mr. Trump identifies himself as Presbyterian, his derogatory statements regarding women, people of color, immigrants, and Muslims do not represent Presbyterian faith or policy.

Louisville Seminary is committed to inter-religious dialogue. We believe that Christians have nothing to fear from the diversity of religious traditions, for we flourish in mutually-supportive relationships with people of other traditions.

Respectful, hospitable, and mutually-enriching dialogue with other faiths is an integral part of our community, curriculum, and Christian witness. Mr. Trump's rhetoric has reached a level that endangers the well-being of our neighbors, near and far. In Jesus' name, we reject these harmful ideologies and encourage other Christians publicly to do the same.


Rev. Dr. Shannon Craigo-Snell
Rev. Dr. Debra J. Mumford
Dr. Amy Plantinga Pauw
Earnest Romans
Whitney Franklin
Rob Giltner
Harry "Max" Hazell, II
Timothy McNinch
Stephanie Finamore
Dr. Tyler Mayfield
Rev. Christy Bonner
Rev. Edgar Paul Herrington, IV
Donna R. Phillips
Rev. Amanda Adams
David L. Madewell
Dr. Carol J. Cook
Lindsay Ross-Hunt
Andrew Shoemaker
David Annett
Mary E. H. McCandless
Rev. Teresa A. Poole
Rev. Dr. Matthew Collins
Annettra R. Jones
Beth Olker
Stephen Taylor
Rev. Dr. Christine Hong
Rev. Kilen K. Gray
Kathryn Mapes
Annabel Williams
Rev. Dr. Don Richter
Katherine Norwood
John R. Roberts
Dr. Brenda Holder
Sandra Moon
Teresa G. Emery
Laura M. Green
Doris Evans
Megan McCarty
Jennifer Schiller, LMFT, JD,
Brittany Hesson
Dr. Steve Cook
Kelsey J. Mitchell
Courtney Bowen
Christina A. Westbury
Dr. J. Bradley Wigger
Rev. Dr. Felicia Howell LaBoy
Ainsley E. Herrick
Rev. Dr. Cliff Kirkpatrick
Hannah Burnett
Rev. Dr. Johann W. H. van Wijk-Bos
Heather McIntyre
Rev. Phillip A. Thompson
Dana Cormack
Rebecca Bosarge
Christopher Ryan Stoess
Michael M. Smith
Rev. Laura Loudon McDonald
Jane Rosalie Guthrie, Esq.
Lisa Howard Cardwell
Rebecca Townsend
Jennifer H. Lewis
Elaina M. Sipes
Cathey Cooney
Austin Wicks
Nancye Browning
Summer Papajeski
Tamera Jones
Matthew Derrenbacher
Kaye Summers Gallagher
Kara Kimes
John Kupar
Lucas Emery Matthews
Rev. Laura Barclay
Rev. Joe Amponsah
Elizabeth Wright
Sharese J. Bumphus
David Stephens