Rejection Is Perfection

Rejection Is Perfection
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"Don't grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form." -- Rumi

Are you feeling rejected? Can you look back at a time in the past where rejection consumed your soul, however was actually the greatest gift because it brought you to something bigger, better and more satisfying in your life? Are you aware of the higher power at play every second of everyday? Are you aware of how loved, supported and guided you are?

Please do not think you are the only one feeling rejected in life. Everyone experiences rejection. It hurts. It degrades. It makes us want to hide and it creates a strange kind of comparison to the external world. We look around at other people and say... "I wonder if that person knows what this feels like."

Rejection is a very uncomfortable thing. Even the word rejection is so long and irritating. Reeeejectioooonnnnnnn. It is one of the words that we do not like to say out loud.

However, rejection can actually be a beautiful thing if we reframe it. Next time you experience the feeling of rejection, see if you can reframe it as perfection. Perfection as in everything is in perfect and divine order. Perfection is not about being flawless. Perfection is about knowing that there is an order in the universe that does not make mistakes or get lost along the way. Our minds battle with this order when our hearts are hurting, because we long to feel supported, included and loved.

And we are loved, supported and included. At all times. And there is so much beauty waiting for us once we allow it in. We simply need to get out of our own way and trust the divine dance at play.

The universe has a plan for us. The perfect plan has a path and once we start walking it, the perfection sets in. Sometimes rejection is the only way we learn to take a turn and walk the golden path. The golden path is the path of ease and flow. It is the path with the least resistance. We know when it is right because it unfolds in a free and light style. We can feel it in our soul. Rejection is the opposite of the perfection path. Rejection constricts us physically while perfection opens us into an expansive state of wonder and beauty.

We need to close a window to open a door, right?

Close rejection and open perfection. In other words, if things aren't working, close that chapter. It will open again if it is meant to. Or, there may be a new door that's waiting to open for you. If it is not working and you are working, maybe the universe has something better waiting for you. Is IT working? Or are YOU working?

If you are experiencing the pit and emptiness that rejection offers, see if you can release it by exhaling deeply. As you inhale fill your lungs with the perfection of a rainbow which arrives after a storm. Great things are on the way. Simply allow and say this mantra: "There is perfection in rejection."

If you have a worry or wonder or if you have a happy ending story, please post a comment. You are not alone. And you are very loved. Love is being returned to you right now, and if you do not feel it yet, you will. There is a way through every block.

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