Prepare For Some Grade-A Tantrums Because 'Bridezillas' Is Coming Back

No wedding guest is safe.

It’s a truly special day for fans of trashy reality TV: First, we heard that MTV was bringing back “Jersey Shore.” Now, the Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that WE tv ordered 10 new hour-long episodes of the always over-the-top “Bridezillas.”

“Years after saying goodbye to our last Bridezilla, we have been asked consistently to bring this show back by viewers and fans,” WE tv president Marc Juris said in a statement.

He added: “With its built-in fan base and continued cultural relevance, the ‘Bridezillas’ franchise is a strategic growth asset that we can leverage across our business and we are thrilled to be bringing it back to WE tv.”

Interesting use of “cultural relevance” there, Marc, but the original series certainly was a guilty pleasure.

For those who may not recall, the docuseries followed soon-to-be brides’ quests for the ultimate dream wedding ― kind of like MTV’s “My Super Sweet Sixteen” but with grown women acting like entitled 16-year-olds while their fiancés looked on with some mixture of awe, fear and love.

The reality show ― beloved for its passive aggressive, snarky narration ― ran for 10 seasons and 185 episodes before saying farewell in 2013. (WE tv then launched a spinoff series, “Marriage Bootcamp: Bridezillas.”)

Before the original series ended, it gave us some classic television moments. Who could forget the bride who had a “weight minimum” for her bridesmaids because no one could look skinnier than her?

Or the bride who flipped out when her mom tried to make “clowns at a wedding” happen:


We can’t wait for the new season. (Though admittedly, we wouldn’t be saying the same if we were among the grooms, bridesmaids, moms or mothers-in-law involved in the production. Yikes.)

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