Tim Tams, Your Favorite Australian Snack, Are Finally Available In The US


Good news for Tim Tam fans: Australia’s popular chocolate biscuit has officially landed stateside ― for good.

“Tim Tam is available just in time for Australia Day, this Thursday, January 26,” a representative spokesperson confirmed to The Huffington Post via email. “Tim Tam biscuits are available nationwide in all major supermarkets, grocery stores and mass merchandisers.”

The rep confirmed that the recipe is indeed the same as the Tim Tams found in Australia. Four flavors are now available in the U.S., including Original, Classic Dark, Chewy Caramel and Dark Mint (which can only be found in the U.S.!)

Some people just couldn’t contain their excitement:

According to an email exchange with representatives at Target, the popular biscuit has been on the shelves at its U.S. stores since January 2015, but this new announcement includes many more grocery stores and retailers.

Instead of frantically trying to hunt down Tim Tams at your local grocer, use Tim Tam’s website, www.itsnotacookie.com, to locate a store nearest you carrying your favorite biscuit.

Simply click on the tab labeled “Where To Buy,” choose the flavor of Tim Tams you want to purchase, enter in your zip code and bam ― a list of stores carrying the biscuit will pop up! Of course, some of the stores are 10-100 miles from you, but remember ― that’s a WHOLE lot closer than Australia.

Once you finally get those delicious Tim Tams in your hand, make sure to perfect your “Tim Tam Slam” form, as seen below.

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