Relationship: 10 Undeniable Signs that you are Dating a Potentially Abusive Man

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No woman has to come to a point where she’s finding herself in danger under her own roof because they she’s living with a dangerous partner.

Learn how to recognize the undeniable signs that you may be dating a potentially abusive man early in the game.

1) He Makes you Feel Guilty

If a man is trying to make you feel guilty for any reason, such as not wanting to have sex with him, not feeling like cooking or anything else involving you and your body, it’s a sign of control.

One of the best ways to take control over someone is to make them feel guilty.

When a man is making you feel guilty to gain control over you, he knows that eventually he’ll be able to make you do what he wants even if he isn’t around.

This is the ultimate control tactic that abusive men tend to use. If your partner is making you feel guilty on a regular basis, you may be dealing with a potential abuser.

2) Sex is Awful

Is your partner selfish in bed? Is it all about him and not at all about you?

If this is your situation it’s probably difficult to connect with him emotionally and it’s bound to affect your sex life.

If sex is bad while the relationship is still new it will only get worse. Soon enough intercourse with this guy is going to feel more like rape. You don’t want it, but you can’t say no.

This type of disfunctional intimate relationships often match the pattern of abusive men.

3) He Makes you Feel Uncomfortable in Front of Others

If a guy is trying to make you feel bad or uncomfortable in front of others, it’s a sure sign that he doesn’t respect you. This can also be an early sign of emotional and physical abuse.

No woman should stay with a man that makes her feel uncomfortable or ashamed in private or in public.

4) He Gets Angry Easily and Yells a lot

Men with abusive behavior tendencies do get angry easily and yell a lot. This is an undeniable sign that you are dealing with a potential abuser.

If you are noticing this behavior early enough in your relationship, get out of there now. It will only get worse as time goes on.

5) You Can’t be Yourself with him

He is always telling you that you shouldn’t do this or that. At times he even tells you that some people have told him how what you did or said shocked them.

Eventually you have to walk on egg shells all the time as you’re realizing that you can’t be yourself without him criticizing you, making you feel bad, or even starting a fight.

If you are noticing such behavior in a man you need to run away from him as soon as you can. This is the behavior pattern of an abusive man.

6) One Personality at Home and Another one Outside

If the guy tends to be rather negative and depressed at home while he seems to be on top of the world when he is with strangers, this is the sign of someone not true to himself, and trying to fool others.

This type behavior fits men with abusive tendencies.

7) He Love to Embellish and Lie

This behavior is often times seen in people who feel that they are failures deep down inside, and have never been able to measure up to their expectations and dreams.

To make up for their inner turmoil they tend to embellish things and lie.

This could be the signs of a potential abuser.

8) You can’t have a Normal Conversation with him

If having a simple normal conversation with your partner is a real chore, this is a huge red flag that you should pay attention to right away.

The issue is not going to go away, it’s only going to get worse.

He may start with raising his voice to later on getting very angry and eventually punching you in the face just because he doesn’t agree with you.

9) Your Friends are Seeing Signs

If your friends or family are telling you that they have noticed that the guy is not treating your right or that something is off, believe them rather than your own feelings in this case.

You may be blinded by your loving feelings.

10) You have a Double Life

You are enduring all kind of mistreatment while you look like you’re the happiest person with the coolest life to your family, friends and co-workers.

If this is you, you are in more danger than you think or want to admit to yourself, and you should leave the relationship as soon as possible.

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