Relationship Advice: 7 Ways To Never Have Sex in Your Relationship

You can continue to be angry and complain only as long as you take no responsibility for your own choices.
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Do you want to make sure you get to be angry and complain about no sex? By following my seven-step guide, you can make certain that you will be able to continue to be angry and complain!

One of the most common complaints I receive in my relationship counseling work is the following: "We hardly ever have sex." Since you might be addicted to the anger and complaining around this issue, I want to make sure you do ALL the right things so you get to continue being angry and complaining about it!

1. Be Angry And Complain

Given that anger and complaining are not at all loving or erotic, be sure to continue to be angry and complain about the lack of sex. Your anger and complaints are SURE to turn your partner off.

2. Be Needy

Both men and women tend to be turned off by someone who needs sex to feel loved and validated. Women are generally completely turned off by a man who approaches her as a needy little boy, needing sex to relieve stress or to feel validated or adequate. The way to continue to be needy is to make sure that you do NOT take responsibility for your own feelings or for defining and validating your own self-worth.

3. Give Yourself Up -- Be A Caretaker

Completely ignore your own feelings and needs, putting yourself aside and doing all your partner wants you to do instead. By ignoring your own feelings and needs and doing everything you can to avoid conflict, you make sure that your partner has no respect for you whatsoever, which means he or she may see you as an object to be used. The more you are invisible to yourself, the more disrespect and demands you may receive from your partner, which may completely turn you off. In addition, the more you give yourself up, the less sexual you may feel.

Or ...

4. Be Demanding -- Be A Taker

Make sure that you demand that your partner attend to you instead of to him or herself. See your partner as an object to service you, and if you do have sex, make sure it is quick to just satisfy you. If your partner does come on to you, make sure you shut down and become resistant. After all, you want to be in control and not be controlled! The last thing in the world you want is to be controlled by your partner.

Attempt to keep your partner occupied with what you want and make sure you are critical, demeaning, discounting, threatening and ridiculing when your partner does what he or she wants. Be sure to accuse him or her of being selfish when he or she doesn't want sex, when in reality you are the one being selfish. Keep up the good work! This is how you stay in control.

5. Be A Couch Potato

Many people -- especially women but many men as well -- need some interaction to feel connected enough to want to have sex. Be sure to spend most of your free time watching TV or doing frivolous or mundane things, so that by the time you get into bed and may want to have sex, your partner is too bored with you or too disconnected from you to be interested.

6. Be Emotionally Unavailable, Withdrawn Or Shut Down

Many people need emotional intimacy to feel sexual. You can make sure you have no sex by being emotionally distant. Withdraw, shut down your feelings and be totally absorbed in things other than being present with your partner. Be too busy to interact with your partner. Wait for your partner to initiate. Be passive, take no initiative, protecting against rejection instead of taking responsibility for what you want. This pretty much guarantees no sex.

7. Take No Physical Responsibility

Be sloppy. Don't shower and come to bed smelling badly. Eat poorly and don't exercise to make sure you are as unattractive as you can be. Come to bed intoxicated, giving your partner the message that you need to be under the influence of alcohol to have sex with him or her.

Finally, the real key to never having sex is to do some or all of these things and then deny that they may the cause of your lack of sex! You can continue to be angry and complain only as long as you take no responsibility for the above choices!

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