8 Signs It's Time To Take A Break From Your Relationship

8 Signs It's Time To Take A Break From Your Relationship

Written by Aunt Becky for CafeMom’s, The Stir.

Taking a break is one of the most challenging, frustrating, and saddening parts of a relationship. No one wants to feel as though their relationship has failed or that they themselves have somehow failed. But sometimes a break is necessary. Not only is it necessary, sometimes it's a good thing.

Here are eight signs that it's time to take a break from your current relationship.

1. You don't talk anymore. Do you spend time talking -- really talking -- with your partner, or do you resort to talking about the weather (or other trivial stuff) only? When you've stopped really communicating, it's time to take a break.

2. You don't spend time together. Movie night has been replaced with "guys' night." Dates are a thing of the past. Trying to pin your partner to even hang out together is like nailing Jello to the wall. If your partner does not want to spend time with you (or the reverse), it's time to take a break.

3. You fight all the time. Sure, some amount of fighting is normal in relationships. Relationships (no matter what others say) are hard work. But if fighting becomes the only interaction you two have, it's time to take a break.

4. You don't have sex. Sex is a very important part of any relationship. It helps bond you to your partner and provides a sense of intimacy. No sex = a problem. It's time to have a (gentle) conversation about it or take a break.

5. You sleep in separate bedrooms. Very few couples can survive living in separate bedrooms for very long. It's not healthy, and very little good can come of it.

6. Your relationship has more bad than good. Yes, relationships are hard. Yes, they all have unique challenges. But when you can estimate that your relationship has more bad than good, it's time to take a break and reassess how the relationship is really working for you.

7. You think about splitting up -- a lot. Once you start thinking about life without your partner often, and it doesn't make you weep, it's time to reevaluate why you two are together in the first place.

8. You're not happy. Your partner isn't happy. Happiness, my friends, is worth a lot. If your relationship doesn't make you happy and fulfilled, it's time to take a break.

What about you? What are some signs that you know it's time to take a break from a relationship?

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