Artist Illustrates The Cozy Little Moments Of Life With Her Husband

These drawings capture the simple beauty and humor in everyday love.

When you’re in love, some of the best moments are the seemingly ordinary ones: drinking coffee in the morning, cooking dinner in the evening and cuddling in bed at night.

Dina Odess, a New York City-based artist who grew up in Kazakhstan, captures these relatable little moments and others in her series #99RelationshipIllustrations. The drawings are based on life with her partner of 2½ years, Bauirjan. They married last year and are expecting their first child in a few weeks.

“At the beginning of our relationship I was excited to move in together, and that’s what inspired me to start this series of illustrations,” she told HuffPost. “It was like a whole new experience. As time has gone by, I’ve found our peaceful life even more enjoyable than at the beginning.”

Drinking coffee and humming the "Game of Thrones" theme song. 
Drinking coffee and humming the "Game of Thrones" theme song. 

When asked to describe Bauirjan as a partner, Odess called him “the most generous, kind, caring and loving man I have ever known.”

“Especially at this period of time when we’re expecting our first baby,” she said. “He is so helpful, I couldn’t do it myself.”

While some fans of the series have commented that Bauirjan appears annoyed in certain drawings, Odess said that in real life, “he’s not as grumpy as he looks in my illustrations.”

Check out more of Odess’s adorable artwork below. You can see more from this series by following her on Instagram or visiting her website.

HuffPost x Tumblr 'Love Illustrated' Comics