9 Questions You Wish You Could Ask Your Spouse Anonymously

Good communication in a romantic relationship (or any relationship, for that matter) is key. But let's face it: there are certain questions and subjects that are awkward and uncomfortable to broach -- even for the closest couples.

On Monday, Redditor hoverdrive posed the question, "If your significant other did an AMA [or, "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit], what would you ask them anonymously?"

Some Redditors balked at the anonymous part of the question: "If I can't ask my wife a question that I feel like it's important to know the answer, there is a problem," one wrote. Still, we found the exercise to be an interesting one. Check out some of the best questions we saw -- some trivial and others more substantial -- below:

1) What is the biggest lie you have ever told your spouse?

2) What are the little things that your partner could do for you to make you smile and feel happy?

3) What do you want for your birthday? (Seriously. It's killing me.)

4) What really happened during your bachelor party?

5) Why in the world would you marry an idiot like that?

6) How would you honestly describe your S.O. to other people?

7) How's your sex life? Are you satisfied?

8) What does your husband/wife do that bothers you the most?

9) On a scale of Carlos Mencia to Mitch Hedberg, how funny is your husband really?

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