Relationship Resolutions: 5 Relationship Goals Worth Working On This Year

Relationship Resolutions: 5 Relationship Goals Worth Working On This Year
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The beginning of the year is a great time to reflect on ways to improve yourself and your life. This concept also applies to your relationship! A healthy partnership is maintained when you are thoughtful about how to nurture the connection. Now is the time to sit down and come up with a course of action that will positively impact your relationship all year long.

Here are five relationship resolutions that you should consider this year.

  • Improve your Communication. Tools for healthy communication are ones that are developed not automatic. The ability to listen for understanding, expressing issues or unmet needs in a constructive manner, and laying out ideas for positive conflict resolution are learned over time. Now is the time to make acquiring these skills a priority.
  • Affirm One Another Daily. Letting your partner know that they are valued goes a long way. Expressing that you notice their effort and the little things that they do shows your appreciation and strengthens your bond.
  • Schedule Unplugged Time. Setting aside time away from all technology to give your undivided attention allows you deeper and more meaningful conversation. Device free moments also signal to your partner that they are important and are worthy of your time.
  • Place Check-Ins on the Calendar. Life can get busy so be sure to schedule a weekly conversation to discuss the status of your relationship. Talk about how each person is feelings about things, any issues that may be present, and things that you each want to see more of moving forward. This is your time to stay in tune with one another so that things do not linger or go unsaid.
  • Bring your Best Self to the Table. As the year drags on, life will get stressful at times and throw you curveballs. Paying adequate attention to your health and practicing self care regimens allow you to refuel your tank. Getting adequate sleep, regular exercise, relying on your support network help to prevent burn out.

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