Believing in God vs. Knowing God

Are you ready to move beyond your belief in God -- or your belief that there is no God -- and learn to know God?

When I was growing up, none of my friends or relatives had a personal relationship with God. None of them knew God. My parents were atheists and didn't believe in God, and, while my religious grandmother (who lived with us) believed in God, she certainly didn't know God. Her God was a projection of whoever judged her as she was growing up.

Through the 43 years of my counseling career, I've worked with many religious people who believed in God, including ministers and gurus, but who had no personal relationship with God.

Believing in God and knowing God are two totally different experiences.

When bad things happen, belief can be shattered. I cannot tell you how often I've heard clients say to me, "How can I continue to believe that God is here for me when [a loved one died, lost a job, illness and so on] happened?" Or, "If there is a God, then how could He have let the [hurricane, earthquake, fire, rape, mugging and so on] happen?" Or, "If there is a God, how could he have allowed my father to sexually abuse me?"

For some reason, most people who believe in God but do not know God seem to think God is a "person" who should be able to stop bad things from happening. When you know God, then you know that God is spirit and is always here to help you manage the challenges of life but cannot stop those challenges.

When you know God, you have a direct experience of the love, power and wisdom that is God. You know that God is the creative intelligence of the universe and that it is impossible for God not to be here for you.

You cannot know God from your left-brain thinking mind, and you cannot know God when you are in your ego-wounded mind. Knowing God occurs naturally when your frequency is high, which happens when you are in the intention to learn about what is loving to yourself. You know God when your heart is open to learning about love and truth.

Since my parents were atheists and my grandmother's God was not at all compelling to me, I had to find my own way. Being a fairly practical person, I could not just "believe" in something that I could not see or touch. As a young child, I had a deep sense of inner knowing, but living with my parents and grandmother taught me to disconnect from this inner knowing. By my early 20s, anxious and depressed, I was desperate to know God.

Over the years of my spiritual search, I had momentary experiences of grace that encouraged me to keep searching for a way to have a direct and personal experience of God. It wasn't until Inner Bonding® was gifted by God to me and the co-creator of Inner Bonding, Dr. Erika Chopich, that I discovered how to experience direct, two-way conversations with God. I think I was fortunate that I bypassed belief in God and went directly into knowing God, because I didn't have false beliefs from any religion to overcome.

Knowing God is a huge comfort. Knowing that I am a co-creator with the creative force of the universe is deeply empowering. Knowing that God -- the creative intelligence of the universe -- is responsive to my thoughts and feelings is deeply motivating to me regarding keeping my thoughts and feelings on what is in my highest good and the highest good of all.

Are you ready to personally know God? You might want to take our free Inner Bonding eCourse to start this process. Your devoted Inner Bonding practice will eventually give you this experience. Of course your ego-wounded mind may come in at any moment to discount your knowing, but the more you listen to your spiritual guidance, the less power your wounded mind has to get you off track. It is deeply empowering to know that you are never alone!