Relax Florida, Vote-By-Mail Works Just Fine

The process couldn't get any worse in Florida, could it? I'm guessing that the folks in Florida might like Oregon's process and adopt it as their own.
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We've been voting by mail here in Oregon for a long time. Oregonians began testing the process in 1981 and finally overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure in 1998 to make all elections vote-by-mail. Here's a history.

The proponents say that it, "Increases voter participation. Removes barriers that can keep people from getting to the polls. Allows more time for people to study issues and candidates before marking the ballot. Has built-in safeguards that increase the integrity of the elections process (and) saves taxpayer dollars."

That seems to be the case.

What they don't say is that it eliminates thousands machines at the polling places... machines that can be tampered-with.

The best thing is that it provides a paper trail.

How does it work? Your ballot arrives in the mail. You fill it out. You put it in an envelope and then that envelope inside another. You sign the back and mail it out. If you miss the deadline there are several locations where you can drop it off up until the "polls close" on election day.

Pretty easy.

Want to know more? Find out here.

As a former East-Coaster, I miss going out to vote on election day, but when you think about it, what does that have to do with the issues or really anything except what you're used to.

The only problem with installing the process in Florida is time. We've worked out the bugs here in Oregon. There have been talks between officials in Florida and in Oregon.

Of course, the process couldn't get any worse in Florida, could it? I'm guessing that the folks in Florida might like our process and adopt it as their own.

Beware objections, Floridians, they're probably coming from those who don't want an honest count.

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