The Best Gifts To Get Someone Who Really Needs To Relax

Know someone who needs a relaxing gift? We’re here for you.

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Life right now is enough to make even the most chill person feel a bit overwhelmed.
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Life right now is enough to make even the most chill person feel a bit overwhelmed.

Stress and anxiety are no joke. While we all deal with stressful moments, like preparing for a big project at work or moving into a new home, for some people, living with anxiety is an ongoing part of their daily lives.

Last year, “burnout” was officially recognized as a mental health concern. On top of that, more than 40 million Americans live with anxiety. With everything going on in the world right now, stress and anxiety might reach an all-time high for many of us. It’s enough to make even the most chill person feel a bit overwhelmed.

While we all wish we could wave a magic wand a be stress-free, unfortunately, technology hasn’t quite taken us that far yet. Still, what we can do is provide some ideas for pampering gifts to give your family members, friends or stressed-out significant other this holiday season.

Below, 16 relaxing gifts any stressed-out loved one would be happy to receive:

A luxurious bath salt set with a CBD boost
By now, you’ve probably heard of the stress and anxiety relieving benefits of CBD. But even if you haven’t, these High CBD Formula Bath Salts from Lord Jones fit the bill when it comes to easing tension and promoting relaxation. The blend of Epsom and Himalyan pink salts, along with a healthy dose of CBD, helps restore body and mind. Get it at Sephora.
A blanket that is grounding and comforting
Weighted blankets have become known as a remedy for sleeplessness and anxiety. The extra weight of the blanket has been shown to lower stress and anxiety levels because it stimulates the feeling of being hugged. The BlanQuil Premium Weighted Blanket has a removable (and washable!) ultra-soft micro plush cover. Choose from a variety of colors and weights for a custom fit for your pal. Get it on Amazon.
A weighted comforter that'll help them rest easy
Weighted blankets have become known as a remedy for sleeplessness and anxiety. The extra weight of the blanket has been shown to lower stress and anxiety levels because it stimulates the feeling of being hugged. This Brooklinen weighted comforter easily loops to your favorite duvet cover, and comes in weights from 15- to 35-pounds. Get it at Brooklinen.
A pretty piece of jewelry to show you care
As hard as you try, you may not be able to “fix” your friend’s stress levels. This Anxiety Necklace from, however, will provide them with some comfort. The founder of has struggled with mental health issues, and created this piece as a conversation starter. Best of all, all proceeds from this necklace go to Bring Change To Mind, a nonprofit dedicated to ending stigma associated with mental illness. Get it at Bando.
A stress-relieving supplement that'll also help them sleep
MedTerra CBD
This unique formula blends 25 milligrams of CBD with 10 milligrams of melatonin to promote a restful night's sleep. Ideal for folks who suffer from anxiety and insomnia, these tablets dissolve under the tongue — with a light spearmint flavor — to promote calmness of mind before bedtime. Get them at MedTerra for $56.
A book when you just don’t know what to say
If you’re friend is in a rough patch, it can be challenging to know what you can say or do. Carissa Potter’s book “It’s Ok To Feel Things Deeply puts things into words when you’re unable to. Get it on Amazon.
A really, really good pair of headphones
The Bose QuietComfort Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are a game-changer when it comes to getting some peace and quiet. They offer three levels of world-class noise cancellation, hassle-free Bluetooth pairing, and Bose AR — an audio-only form of augmented reality. Get them from Best Buy.
A stress toy, but make it cool.
Urban Outfitters
An avocado that will never bruise? That’s right. This Huggable Avocado with a Cooling + Heating Pad can be warmed or cooled for instant relaxation. Filled with natural buckwheat and lavender, this pillow may just become your friend’s new BFF. Get it at Urban Outfitters.
A beauty product when they “just can’t anymore"
Stress can cause breakouts. Being prepared means having a go-to face mask on hand, like the EverCalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask from REN Clean Skincare. In 10 minutes, skin is left feeling luminous, soft and smooth. Get it at Sephora.
A good-smelling candle, because you can never have too many
Ever walked into an Anthropologie and wondered why they smell so good? It’s the Capri Blue Volcano candle. Capri Blue Volcano is an iconic scent reminiscent of tropical destinations and far away getaways. Whether your friend has a vacation planned in the near future or not, this candle is guaranteed to delight. Get it at Anthropologie.
A wall hook with good vibes only
Urban Outfitters
Perfect for hanging keys, bags, jackets and jewelry, this Peace Sign Wall Hook only encourages a good attitude. Gift it to your college bestie, roommate or other hip friend who could use an excuse to smile. Get it at Urban Outfitters.
A journal for reflection and connection to the present moment
The idea of journaling may seem cumbersome, but there are many benefits to putting pen to paper — especially in today’s digitally driven world. The Press Pause journal invites calmness through its aesthetically pleasing pages and thoughtful weekly reflections. Gift this to the loved one who always seems to be on the go or a step ahead. Get on Amazon.
A calming drink mix to wash away Sunday Scaries
Thrive Market
For those dealing with stress, falling asleep can be a tricky matter. The Golden Chai CBD Hemp Powder from Ancient Nutrition is a tasty way to promote a good night’s rest. The blend contains organic hemp, turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper and ashwagandha to promote restful sleep. Simply add to heated nut milk or your favorite pre-bedtime drink for a golden elixir that will have your stressed-out friend on their way to dreamland. Get it at Thrive Market.
A set of oils to set a relaxing mood
You know that feeling when you walk into a spa and instantly feel relaxed? Aromatherapy is one trick that spas and like-minded wellness spaces use to promote relaxation. This set of essential oils from GuruNanda includes a range of their top blends that will turn any room into a zen oasis. Pair it with an attractive diffuser for the ultimate self-care kit. Get it on Amazon.
A supplement to add to their morning routine
Thrive Market
Help them take care of themselves during their busiest, most stressful times with New Chapter’s Perfect Calm multivitamin. These tablets deliver a range of nutrients -- from Vitamin A to Zinc — and are designed to help ease stress and fatigue as well as support the immune system, digestion and adrenal glands, which are part of the body’s healthy stress response. Get it at Thrive Market.
And a stress-reducing chocolate bar...because why not?
Thrive Market
While chocolate may seem like a too good to be true remedy for stress and anxiety, there is actually some research behind it. The Good Day Chocolate Milk Chocolate Calm Supplement doubles up on the stress relief with the addition of amino acids, vitamins and botanicals. Get it at Thrive Market.
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