Release and Conceal: The Mirror-World Edition

In the latest phase of what I'm proud to name The War on Torture, we've definitely entered Mirror World. In the regular world, we've become used to Democrats urging the release of more information regarding abusive interrogations and Republicans suggesting that any such exposure to sunlight would kill the beneficial organisms contained in those programs.

But now it's today, and Dick Cheney is telling everyone on television (with the possible exception of Billy Mays) that he wants more memos released. Lindsey Graham is doing the same thing in the Senate. More memos made public, Senator Graham suggests, will prove that torture, which isn't really torture, works, whatever "works" means.

And President Obama, who once took pride in making his first act in office the ending of the Orwellishly-named enhanced interrogation program, is now saying his administration will oppose a court order mandating the release of photos of prisoner abuse by American soldiers in the past, because it may lead to harm of American soldiers in the present.

So, to review, Cheney wants more stuff made public and Obama wants less stuff made public. Will Cheney soon come out, so to speak, in favor of gay marriage? Will Obama soon support prayer in public schools? All we can do is stay tuned. Or tune out.

UPDATE (5/18): While we all (and the Sunday yakking heads) discuss whether or not the photos should be released, Saturday's Sydney Morning Herald had 60 of them. The rest of the world has seen them.