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How to Release Fear and Build a Life and Business Around Your Passion

One thing I've noticed is that fear is an all-too-common reason why my clients feel stuck in their lives and businesses -- fear of failure, success, judgement, making mistakes, putting themselves out there and becoming the person they know they're meant to be.
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For quite some time now, I've been coaching successful entrepreneurs as well as passionate and enthusiastic individuals who deeply desire to start a business around the things they love most. One thing I've noticed is that fear is an all-too-common reason why they feel stuck in their lives and businesses -- fear of failure, success, judgement, making mistakes, putting themselves out there and becoming the person they know they're meant to be.

Fear is a major obstacle. But when it's released? That's when AMAZING shifts begin to happen.

Let me give you a couple of real life examples.

Recently, a client came to me feeling a lot of stress and frustration, as well as a constant urgency to help others create a life of happiness. She had a sense of what she was called to do (and plenty of passion, enthusiasm and energy to boot), but not enough clarity to get a legitimate, profitable and fulfilling business off the ground. She felt stuck because she was afraid of moving in the wrong direction and wasting precious time. After just one session, we were able to create a clear business focus, narrow in on the heart of her passion (WHY she loves what she loves and how to thread all her interests together) and begin to build a business around what she truly loves doing.

Another recent client was very unhappy in her career when we started working together. She was ready to break free of the 9-5 and be her most natural, authentic self, doing work that truly lit her up inside. However, she felt stuck because she didn't trust herself and was scared to make the leap toward starting her own business. After just a few weeks of working together -- through simple mindset shifts, exercises and loads of self love and care -- she was able to see her dreams as possible and shift from feeling fearful to feeling the fear and taking action anyways. She's since quit her day job, has been asked to present to a professional organization on a topic she loves and is beginning to build her own business as I write this.

So how do YOU release your fears and begin building a life or business you love?

1) Identify the fear that's holding you back.

What specific thought is going through your head? It's important to have clarity on what fearful thoughts or circumstances pop into your head when you think about leaving a relationship, starting a business or making any positive shift in your life. What specifically do you tell yourself?

2) Recognize that this thought is NOT unique to you.

Your mother, Oprah, that super awesome athlete on that team you really like, me... we ALL experience the same negative thought cycles and fears on a daily basis. It's human, and it's not unique to you. Any time you make changes, step outside your comfort zone or put yourself "out there" in one way or another, you're going to experience fear. It's natural, and every single person experiences it too. The difference is that some people choose to take action anyway.

3) Learn to party with your fear!

Fear is simply a sensation in your body, just the same as excitement, nervousness, anticipation, love, anger or sadness. It doesn't have to be anything more than the sensations that you're feeling at any given moment. Make note of the physical sensations you feel in your body (NOT the thoughts that cycle in your head -- just ignore those, please). Is it a tightness in your chest? Fluttering in your stomach? Knees shaking? Nausea? Allow yourself to feel it and breath into it. When you feel what you feel vs. resisting it, it will pass in a matter of seconds. Seriously, give it a try.

4) Stay in the moment and take consistent, focused action.

When a negative or fearful thought pops into your head, take a deep breath and refocus on the present moment. What are you feeling and experiencing? What sounds and sensations are happening around and within you? Stay out of your head and start taking action toward the changes you wish to make.

Are you ready to release your fears and make massive shifts in your life?

I'm ready to help you.

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