Release Your Inner Witch: Celebrating Wickedness This Halloween

Do you want to get into the monster spirit of Halloween, but you just can't cope with wrangling a costume? Don't despair! Why not bring out your bad self? After all, Halloween is a night where all hell breaks loose and witches celebrate their dark rituals - so why not join in the fun and tell off all the people that irritate you most! Most of the time we walk around politely, trying to maintain a peaceful aura, while deep inside we are longing to spit out how we feel. But All Hallows' Eve is our night to reveal our inner witch.

Haven't you quietly craved to tell your bestie she's annoying the crap out of you by constantly talking about her boyfriend? Or have you been dying to tell your work colleague that he's neurotic and you're sick of it? If so, go for it! Tell everyone what you think; after all, it can't be any weirder than dressing up as Cruella Deville.

Telling your own truth, with black kohl eyes and bloody lips, is a gothic kind of sexy. And as you exorcize your toxic thoughts by expressing them out loud, you'll find yourself roaming with the rest of the ghouls. I suggest you speak your foul thoughts with blackened teeth and a huge smile. And as you climb onto your broomstick (for a quick get-away) it doesn't hurt to offer them a goodie-bag of spider nest cookies. Most folk would rather succumb to your dark joke than look humorless; nobody wants to show a bad spirit of play on Halloween.

In all seriousness, we do hold onto strong and sometimes nasty thoughts about others. And until it's expressed, they will never know the truth about how we see them, just like we'll never know the truth about how someone else sees us. I recommend you take this moment to express yourself, even just half-heartedly. How many times have you spoken about your friends behind their backs? Or held a secret grievance against them? Well, this is your chance to air your feelings, without the ramifications of a back fire. Take a leap of boldness and let your inner witch do the talking.

Judy Gold once said, "Halloween is an opportunity to be creative." But it also provides us an opportunity to be a tad naughty! What's the worst thing that can happen? While the dead of the earth roam free, you can have a blast being bad. How bad is up to you, as long as you remember it's all tongue-in-cheek.

And at the end of the night, you can pour yourself a nice Jekyll and Hyde and celebrate with ghoulish confidence.

"I love horror. I love 'The Shining,' 'Friday the 13th,' 'Halloween,' all those kinds of things. I love zombies, especially '28 Days Later' and '28 Weeks Later,' where the zombies are going faster than the George Romero ones. I love being scared; there's something that's awesome about your heart rate going up like that." -- Ricky Schroder

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