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Releasing the Need of Acceptance and Fear of Being Judged: Choosing to Live Life With Intention!

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Let's decide to journey together with a clear intentional statement for how we want to live our lives today and everyday thereafter! Come from the feeling place as you envision what you desire it to be, so you can begin to manifest this into your life. Then commit to it by bringing it forward from your mind and writing it out. Make it real and acknowledge what it is for you. Allow yourself to hold the space of all these desires in your heart, mind and soul.

While on my flight to San Jose, Costa Rica, for my G Adventures Volcano Trail Tour, I considered again my decision for traveling on this adventurous trip -- continuing to embrace stepping outside my comfort zone, taking more risks, having more once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and reconnecting with myself. All that would empower me to create the same exact momentum in my life when I returned. Couldn't think of a better way to end and then begin my new year!

What followed was creating my intentional statement for living my life right now. So let me share with you my journal notes from that travel day...

Living my life with intention.
Being true to myself.
Accepting myself for who I am.
Being kind and compassionate to myself.
Letting go of thoughts, doubts, fears and self-limiting beliefs that no longer serve me well.
Letting go of self-criticism and hurt from the past that is holding me back.
Learning to be more patient with myself, others and when things are supposed to happen. I realize I can't control everything.
I promise to do a better job of loving myself unconditionally. I deserve this!
Realizing not everyone will agree with everything I do and my approach in life. That's okay. It's not about them.
I am good enough, strong enough and wise enough to move forward with my mission/purpose/passion in life and create a revolution!
I just have to give myself permission to do so.

I admit that in the past I've definitely allowed the need of acceptance and fear of being judged to get in my way. It has even blocked me from moving forward with embracing the unknown and pursuing life passions. However, no more! Today is a new day, a new beginning, another chance. I forgive myself for choosing fear and instead choose to come from a place of love.

When you allow your need of acceptance and fear of being judged by others get the best of you, then you are allowing mediocrity to get the best of you. It's when you finally decide that enough is enough, take the leap of faith, trust that all your efforts will make a difference, stay true to yourself and committed with a vision, that's when you cross over from being mediocre to great!

Show up for yourself, step into your greatness, your courageous and remarkable self! Namaste!

May your new year be filled with adventures, abundance, health, love and happiness! May you take more risks, live more intentionally and travel the world fearlessly! Namaste!

Take Action Now to Honor Your C&R Self!
It's your turn now. Write out your clear intentional statement on how you will live your life today and everyday thereafter. Then, consider what you need to release from your life that's holding you back. Finally, what actions are necessary for you to take to move towards making this statement your reality?

Let's support one another towards honoring ourselves by creating this intention statement and making it real. I want to hear from you, so tell me about what you'll intentionally focus on this year by commenting below!

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Originally posted February 2013 on Courageous & Remarkable Self blog.

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Sarina is currently working on her first book, Courageous & Remarkable Self: Take Risks, Live More Intentionally, and Travel the World Fearlessly!