Releasing the Pain to Move Forward

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Your now is the present moment in time. I want you to experience it as your greatest gift to the world.

What you have experienced in the past not only does not define you, it also gives you the skills to live, to grow and to reach out to others with love.

The number of individuals, men and women, that I have had the privilege to coach and be present to, have shared the most tragic, painful stories that they have been through.

They say it's in the past, but still they carry it within. And yet all I can see is the gifts that they bring, the strength that they possess inside right here, right now.

Without any knowledge of how they can be of service, or how they can bring more of themselves to each moment, they sit there believing the voice inside their mind, the ego. Those thoughts that won't allow us to let go of fear, of judgement and of never, ever being enough.

The amount of suffering that each client has been through is crazy, and still we carry on. The human spirit is forever moving forward. We are created to rise out of situations, and over and over again, I am being told of stories of love lost, harm done, and fear of more.

You can change it all now. It is by letting go. By seeing your strength within the struggles that you try and hide, and the experiences that have led you to where you are now.

You are perfect, right here, right now.

You exist in this moment to love, to give and to serve they way only you know how.

It's like a fish in the ocean it says "what ocean?" It is so much a part of your world that you don't see it. But we do. I can. I see You. That greatest part of You.

I see you.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.