Releasing the Power of Love

At this time of year when many of us are celebrating holidays that are supposed to be about love, giving and being with those that we care about, instead on many levels the world is in a state of high anxiety, stress and anger due to the recent terrorist attacks across the globe.

It is of course appropriate to protect ourselves and to stop those who mean us harm but that is only the beginning. It is also important to look for long-term solutions to the problems that we're facing as human beings.

In addition to constructive external action design to bring about peace, economic prosperity along with preserving our lovely planet a shift in attitude is required.

And a great place to start is bringing positive change for ourselves, the people we care about, and the entire human community.

We can do this through the healing power of love.

  • Love is seeing the situation from more than our own point of view -- love is open-minded.
  • Love is a feeling of I am you and you are me -- solidarity.
  • Love is unconditional acceptance.
  • Love is wanting for the other one whatever it is they want for themselves.
  • Love this giving without wanting anything back in return.
  • Love is the cohesive force that holds our world together.
  • Love is the power that we tap when we become forces for good in the world.
  • Love is the universal solvent dissolving hate, pain, fear and separation.

This love is already right within you waiting to be discovered, nurtured and expressed by you. No matter what you are experiencing in this moment the healing power of love can help you to move beyond barriers and discover true lasting solutions on micro and a macro-cosmic levels.

The following process is designed to help you and those you care about liberate the love within your hearts. You can do this with yourself and, especially now, you can do this process with everyone you care about. If you simply ask yourself or ask your peers these questions with an open mind and heart, your inner doors open allowing the light of love to shine both within you, through you and around you.

Answer with a yes. If it feels like a tentative yes, keep asking. You will find the resistance drops with each asking.

1. Could you allow yourself to welcome any non-love feeling you are experiencing in this moment?
2. Could you let that feeling go or simply turn it to love as best you can?
3. Could you allow the healing energy of love to flow from your heart into your body, mind, experience and world as best you can?

Here is a short video that guides you through using the above process.

Each time you go through these questions, they open you to a deeper and richer experience of the love that is already shining at your core. They will support you in feeling safe and taking courageous and appropriate action.

As a peer to peer release what you do is you simply ask your releasing partner these questions and then allow them to ask you these same questions. As you keep going back and forth you will be supporting each other both in healing and self-empowerment.

Here is another short video that guides you through how to best use Peer-to-Peer Releases.

I recommend you do this process not just with yourself but with everyone that you know who is willing to go in this direction. Think of family and friends, thinks of circles at work, think of organizations you belong to. You can use this process to create a strong loving community for yourself.

This is not the only solution for effectively dealing with our personal and more universal challenges, but it can be a huge help for everyone.

Please pass this on and share what you are experiencing below.



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