You Can Relight A Candle With Its Smoke Trail For One Incredible Fire Trick

Forget what your mom said about playing with fire.

An incredible YouTube video shows what may be the coolest party trick you ever see: blowing out a candle and then relighting it through its smoke.

The "trick" has a little bit of science behind it. When a wick is lit, the flame vaporizes the candle wax and turns it into heat and light. As soon as you blow it out, the trail of smoke released by the smoldering wick still contains a bit of wax that hasn't fully burned. When you hold a fire source up to the wisps, they can reignite and cascade back down to relight the candle.

YouTube's Slow Mo Guys also investigated the phenomenon in a video released earlier this month, filming the re-ignition at 2,500 frames per second.

Science, man.

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