School Science Lesson Claims Gravity Was Created By God (PHOTO)

Well, this doesn’t look like accurate science to us.

Reddit user Dtooth0 posted the above photo on the site’s “WTF” thread Tuesday morning, with a caption explaining the picture was of a third-grade lesson on gravity. While the first several questions of the lesson are fairly straightforward, the last few questions clearly have a religious agenda.

In one such part of the lesson, students are told that “people who do not believe in God” cannot explain gravity.

The post had more than 3,500 comments by Tuesday afternoon. Commenters questioned whether the photo was real, and Dtooth0 explained the lesson was given to his daughter at a private religious school in Florida. When pressed for details, he declined to provide the name of the school for privacy reasons.

“The school is in Florida and is accredited. I noticed that the lesson held a copyright from an instate Christian University,” Dtooth0 said in the comments. “I so wish it were fake.”

If indeed real, the lesson is reminiscent of fourth-grade quiz that went viral last year. The quiz, from Blue Ridge Christian Academy in South Carolina, was peppered with creationist teachings, including the notion that God created dinosaurs. The school has since been shut down for financial reasons.



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