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13 Positive Things for Remaining Focused and Centered

After three years of single life, I've discovered I'm still okay and still in control of my positive and productive life. These are the tools I've used to help stay the course, without the help of a doctor's prescription pad.
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After three years of single life, due to an outbreak of divorce, I've discovered I'm still okay and still in control of my positive and productive life. These are the tools I've used to help stay the course, without the help of a doctor's prescription pad.

1. Get more paper. Paper is as inspiring as it has always been -- a fresh piece of canvas to lay down feelings, ideas and doodles. It says,

"Hello friend, remember me? Your every "freak out" in school -- the homework that hasn't been started, the letter you were supposed to send, the screenplay you were going to start, the book you were going to write, the intimate feelings you were going to purge? Welcome back, fool."

I recommend college-ruled for full effect. Buy a ton of it, and designate a special spot that's easy access with a handy, freshly-sharpened pencil. I like pencil; it allows for angry erasing and the joy of sharpening. Multipurpose.

2. Drink more water -- a clean alternative to drinking more coffee, soda or booze. If I get to pick my poison, I choose water. I know, we're in an epic LA draught, but I've also heard that water will help flush my body of the endless amount of toxins I've heard I produce. It will also help balance out all the coffee, soda and booze.

3. Have faith that somewhere, out there, someone good is thinking about you and how wonderful it is to be liked by a loving and caring friend. The best part about this is going through the Rolodex of who I'm thinking about and sending that individual good thoughts too. Weird thing -- my phone will buzz, or my email will sound, from that same person. Freaky. We have almost perfected "kismetic astral travel communication" to a level of consciousness from the power of our words, image and connections. Face Time, Skype, Instachat, Instagram, tweet, "Like" my freakin' everything -- it's beyond. So just rest easy in knowing that somewhere out there, someone is surfing your life and possibly tapping a "Like."

4. Drink more water. This supports everything said in #2 and #3. It will also help you look better for your next Face Time and selfie.

5. Music. Move. Shake it off. Dance. Yoga. Walk. Especially with a dog or a friend, or a dog friend. Old, junky energy can't stick if you stay in one position. Move your body, move it good. Bump and grind that stale negativity into the dirt where it belongs. Crank classical, pop, classic rock, heavy metal, R&B, whatever it takes. Countless reports on positive effects of exercise could fill the Coliseum. Be a "Glad"iator and get crackalackin' on yourself. This will make you feel better, always, guaranteed, or money "baby got" back.

6. Write. This supports everything in #1. Just do it. Transcribe it into a computer, scan it for a post or burn it in a caldron. It's yours to mess with. It's personal, intimate, in the moment. If you're writing hateful emails, know there will be a qualifying repercussion to every bit of cyber bullying you engage, but other than that, write your right stuff. Feel gratitude and pain through pencil to paper. Nothing is more cathartic or will wear out the human body like writing hardscape. If you're a parent with a fourth-grader, you know what I'm talking about.

7. Give compliments and notice the good, especially in others. It's free, no calories, no toxins, no mind altering side effects, other than offering someone else a chance to feel good. We all hold the magical power to notice something good in everything and everyone. It's random, it's kind and I've heard it responds like a boomerang.

8. Take several deep Pranayama breaths a day: Inhale, expand the belly, exhale and pull the belly in and up. Do this every time you think about #3 and then repeat #2 and #4. It's the first and last thing we will do in life. Learn how to do it right, right here, right now and tone your abs at the same time. This is a yoga practice you can do in the car, an elevator, walking, talking, riding a bike. Practice while singing, dancing, acting or swimming. As my dear friend, Esther Williams, champion swimmer, legendary actress, singer/dancer and who really knew how to breathe would say, "Enjoy!"

9. Eat right. Look it up. I would like to recommend anything Dr.Oz has to say.

10. Rest and repeat and repeat and repeat... ad nauseum. Heidi Klum was recently quoted about how she loves getting 10 hours of sleep. I couldn't agree more. Which means, (to be read with a German accent) "Early to bed and early to rise, makes people look good and something, something... summise." Uh, I'll have what she's having. Get rest, six to eight hours, minimum. Read more Dr.Oz info on rest. He's a doctor. He went to school.

11. Oh! And find the funny, as much as possible. If you can't find something, just smile and relax your shoulders, something good will happen. It just will.

12. It's okay to feel sad sometimes, it makes happiness that much sweeter.
It's good to cry. It's like sneezing for your eyes. Don't hold it, you might lose your hearing. We need to feel the world around us. Attempting to not feel the pain in life is unrealistic and impossible. We also need to feel safe in crying with one another and comfort our companions with compassion and kindness. Animals naturally come to humans when they are crying or in a vulnerable pose, (check out funny pet yoga, the best.) Point is, they don't ask questions or try to get you to stop, they just slide next to you and offer comfort. Imagine. All the people.

13. And above all, be a bit selfish and preserve yourself. You are being sent great energy from the universe, send some back. I've heard all things worthy are earned. 'Nuff said.

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