Wacky Remedies For Women: Tapeworms, Lysol, And Other Crazy 'Cures' From The Past

'They Did What?!': 5 Crazy Cures From The Past

"Why does she spend the evenings alone? ... Because she keeps her home immaculate, looks as pretty as she can and really loves her husband, BUT she neglects one essential ... personal feminine hygiene."

These are the opening lines of an advertisement for Lysol -- yes, that Lysol -- from 1948. Now a household disinfectant, the liquid cleaner was once believed to be an effective disinfectant for more ... private areas. Hearing this today is pretty horrifying. But women using Lysol for douching weren't crazy, (although after seeing some Summer's Eve commercials you might be inclined to think that douching in general is crazy), they were merely doing what they considered to be healthy and necessary at the time.

Vaginal Lysol is one of many health-related treatments that might make our jaws drop today. After all, beliefs about best practices when it comes to medicine and wellness are constantly evolving. A few weeks ago, we put together a list of health tests that you can self-administer from home. This week we're turning back the clock and rounding up some historical medical practices you'll never want to try at home -- or anywhere else.

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Lysol For Douching And Birth Control

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