Remember, Remember The 3rd Of November


It was the 3rd of November that showed not that a nation was not so much on the bandwagon anymore. So, was the Right making a comeback? The fact that the Republican party still sits in a schism between Conservatives and Moderates should make that pretty clear that a comeback is not quite the truth. They are not exactly organized and running on all cylinders.

Mayhap there was a bit of a groundswell on some of those who felt off put by 2008. Add to this that many from both sides of the political aisle have been a bit perturbed by the current administration. Yes, at the party and administration that swept through a nation with a buzz and almost mandate the year before. The Obama administration rode a wave of desire for change, a new outlook and the promise of new actions.

So, the 3rd of November seemed to have something to say to that in 2009.

The Democrats from the middle and left will come up with polar opposite views to respond to this... Obama’s administration was too far left. Or, Obama’s administration didn’t go far enough.

They are both wrong.

Fact is, in a lot of ways, Obama’s administration was NO different from any other Democratic administration. Did they take on too much? Or just take on things that wouldn't create clear results?

What rang clear like a gong this week is that there is a malaise and issues within the electorate. Incumbents got shuffled out a door. Voters are still staring at the same issues they were facing when Obama got elected. That is a referendum, whether "they" would like to admit it or not.

Yeah, I too read the stuff tries to say it is not a referendum. Don’t believe a word of it. It seems one end of the media is afraid to criticize and question the man and administration, and the other half brutalizes him and them with aplomb. There seems to be no real cut down the middle. Feast or famine. Fawn or failure.

So, let me quantify the referendum so that the politically correct people don't start quaking in their Birkenstocks: The election is not a referendum on the party in power. It is not even the referendum on Obama the man. It is a referendum for him not being one. At least the one we saw fight, struggle, react, succeed in what many thought was impossible one year ago.

I look at our President now and see a soft shell of the man who was going to create hope, change and the all that jazz. Yes, we can. He was the "Yes, We Can!" man…

But he’s not; at least for the rest of 2009. He and the White House have been NO different than any other administration that came in to roll up sleeves and then have not much to show for it. They, like every other administration in the last 20 years, have struggled.

Add to all this that this administration seems to tiptoe around itself, and you get a tentative, ponderingly slow, left-leaning, promise making, but result-deficient reality.

I’ve seen two different reactions seem to climb out of all this. There are those who are apologists, climbing all over themselves to give him and the administration the benefit of the doubt. Then there are those who were the minority one year ago; feeling annoyed, angry or just plain old nonplussed, bashing him and the administration they did not support in the first place.

It is a sad state of affairs that both sides are honestly trying to deal with it. IT being their failure. Their failure was they alluded to be more than they were supposed to be. Call it realistic, optimistic, cynic, pessimistic or whatever; people are not seeing the results in their daily lives. People out of work are mostly still out of work. Just this morning, almost 11 months into the Obama administration, unemployment is at 10.2%.

Meanwhile, this nation’s soldiers are still deployed elsewhere. The world is about as safe as it was under the previous administration, whether behind-the-scenes is different or not. There has been no closure to just about anything since he took office.

The electorate, by and large, still sit with the same issues that they were facing one year ago. That spoke volumes on November 3rd. It will continue to do so.

Elections bespeak concerns. They speak fear. They speak in words:

Expectations. Error. Elusive. Egoism. Empty. Ethics. Exaggerate. Exasperation. Enraged. Electorate.

E is for election. For the revolutionary has been fearful to be just that. The man who was going to change everything and give the world hope has yet to instill that. If anything, Obama and his administrations failure to even be proactive in this past election is a case and point to their stoic, aloof, out of touch, and cold personality.

Who is this masked man? And when will he, who we might have voted for or at least watched impressed or at least intrigued one year ago, take office? .

Remember, remember the 3rd of November

Electorate's anti-incumbent frustration and plot.

I see no reason that 2009's election

Should ever be forgot...


(Writer's Note: apologies to V for Vendetta)