Remember That Time Eddie Murphy Walked Into The Women’s Room At The VMAs?

This clip never gets old.

Fast forward to about 6:00 in. (Source: YouTube, obviously) 

Hey, it’s been about 30 years since Eddie Murphy took the world on a tour of the ladies' room as host of the 1985 VMAs. Wow, how time flies, right? (Full disclosure: I was not yet alive in 1985.) 

Award shows are filled with so much so much safe, image-conscious garbage these days that watching Murphy show the audience around is a breath of fresh air. It's also fun to see Murphy at the height of his powers. 

Could finding his way into the ladies' area be considered offensive in 2015? Perhaps, but that's not for us to address here. Instead, let's enjoy a looping GIF of this woman coming out of wherever only to discover Murphy lurking around the corner.

IMPORTANT: Do you know the lady in this GIF? If so, please get in contact so we can do the world's greatest retrospective interview.


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1995 MTV VMAs
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