Remember When All We Cared About Was President Obama's Tan Suit?

Take us back.

Before President Donald Trump pardoned a sheriff who illegally targeted Latinos, threatened North Korea with “fire and fury,” and banned transgender people from serving in the military (among a host of other things), people got worked up about the silliest things during the Barack Obama years.

You know, like when the president had the nerve to wear a tan suit to an important press conference.

Since we all need some good news these days, some on the internet are celebrating the day President Obama made the boldest style choice of his presidency three years and one day ago on Aug. 28.

The “scandal” made for some pretty funny tweets back then:

And at the time, it basically broke the internet and even spawned its very own Twitter account:

Though his suit drew the ire of some politicians, many in the fashion industry praised Obama’s bold choice.

“I applaud him for wearing a tan suit,” Joseph Abboud, fashion designer and chief creative director of Men’s Wearhouse, told HuffPost at the time. Abboud previously made suits for the president when he worked at Hart Schaffner Marx. “You don’t want to look the same every day of your life. It’s boring as hell.”

Since he’s left the White House, Obama has basically morphed into a movie star (and ditched those dad jeans).

Helllooooo George Clooney!
Fotogramma / Splash News
Helllooooo George Clooney!

We’ll keep an eye out for another tan suit appearance.

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