Remembering By Serving

Every Memorial Day growing up, we would go to the Winnetka, Ill., Village Green where there is a large monument to all the service members who had died in America's wars. One of the names being read off at the Village Green today is that of my grandfather's brother, my great uncle Lt. Jim McNulty, who was lost in the Pacific Theater and is still, by definition, Missing in Action, despite being declared KIA. As a child, I grew up believing Great Uncle Jim was living on a desert island with a bunch of naked ladies. Though Jim paid the ultimate price, all of us veterans have tried to serve our country in various ways, both in the military and civilian service. This video, of Team Rubicon's Memorial Day 2011 deployment to Joplin, Mo., shows you what just a few of those who once wore the uniform and came home continue to do to memorialize those who never had the chance to return.