Remembering Louise Hay, One Positive Thought at a Time

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Louise Hay died today at age 90. May her spirit and work live on and continue to inspire us.

When I heard the news it made me think back to the days when her positive, self-loving, you-can-do-it, life-changing philosophy hit the new age scene in the eighties.

Back then, we believed we could make wishes that would come true. We believed we could change our beliefs and thoughts and, as a result, our life experience. And even if we didn’t quite believe, we wanted to, and as a result our efforts to change created change in our lives.

Some people scoffed at the idea of affirmations being the key to a new life. Others repeated them religiously.

I tacked my favorites onto my computer (or, then, typewriter) and to mirrors and walls. As a writer, I always related to words and statements in printed form. I tried to keep positive ideas in front of me, even in the darkest times.

They gave me hope.

And I think the biggest gift Louise Hay gave us all was hope. Possibility. The idea that maybe we could change our lives and the world. She built a small empire doing it and others run it now, so her work will live on.

During these very difficult times that we live in, it may seem Pollyannaish to think there is good, anywhere. Or that we can find value even in the difficulties we face. But someone has to have hope, somewhere, and light a candle in the rain and darkness and despair.

That’s what Louise Hay did. She lit the candle and brought in light. Not everyone wanted it but she let the light shine anyway, for those who did.

Was she right or are we just fooling ourselves? Do we really have the power to heal ourselves and change our own lives even in the worst of times? Does this level of personal power exist for everyone or just a few? Can we truly change our lives with our thoughts and by being kinder to ourselves?

With all the despair and destruction in the world it may not seem so. But today I was reminded: we can try.

I’m sorry she had to leave our plane of existence but I hope her passing reminds us that life is not as bleak as we have come to believe. We can’t stop all they bad and suffering in the world, but we can try to make a difference in a small way, if even in our own hearts and minds, as much as we possibly can. Part of this has to do with less focus on all that is bad and considering things that are hopeful.

One positive thought at a time.

You can find her daily affirmations here and below are some Louise Hay pearls of wisdom.

What’s your favorite Louise Hay quote?

Laurie Sue Brockway is author of several sell-help books, including Lakshmi Magic: Let The Goddess of Good Fortune Bless You With Success.

Remembering Louise Hay. Top image was shared today by Hay House and on Lousie Hay’s Facebook page.

Laurie Sue Brockway is author of The Goddess Pages and Lakshmi Magic.

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