Remembering Prince, From Childhood to Music Legend (AUDIO)

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Saturday night on The Mo'Kelly Show, we paid homage to one of the greatest musicians of all time in the world of recorded music, Prince Rogers Nelson.

Joining the program was Kevin Fleming, longtime radio programmer and recorded music executive. More importantly, Fleming was a childhood classmate and friend of Prince, also from Northeast Minneapolis.

Kevin shared stories not heard elsewhere from Prince's childhood, formative years and the story behind his fight against the industry in the name of creative autonomy.

For example, did you know Prince was originally to be produced by Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire? That was until Prince said, 'No.' And hear what REALLY happened when Michael Jackson asked Prince to sing duet with him on "Bad."

(Yes, Michael Jackson and Prince could have possibly performed together, if Quincy Jones had his way.)

This is the best conversation you'll hear on the musical genius few of us were fortunate enough to meet or had the privilege to know.

The Mo'Kelly Show...the COOLEST two hours in all talk radio. This is just more proof.

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