Remembering What's Important In Life

The most recent edition ofhas a remarkable story written by Ted Kennedy about a poignant family scene he witnessed.
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The most recent edition of Esquire Magazine has a remarkable story written by Ted Kennedy about a poignant scene he witnessed between his brother Jack, his father and Jack's daughter Caroline. It's a good reminder to all of us to remember the important things in life.

I remember my brother Jack at the Cape in 1961 just before he went to Paris to see de Gaulle and then to Vienna to see Khruschev. Late in the afternoon we walked over together from his house to my father's house. There was a heavy fog coming in and it was cool and getting dark. As we walked out across the lawn Caroline came out of my father's house crying. She came down off the porch and ran over to Jack. He sort of held her and talked to her with great tenderness. Just then the kitchen door opened up and someone called out, 'Mr. President they want you on the White House phone-they said it's important.' And Jack said 'Caroline I'll be back in just a moment. Let me take this phone call.' Jack took the phone call and then we all went into the dining room together. As we sat down there was a silence at the table and I could feel that Dad for some reason was uneasy and edgy. And then he said 'Jack I saw what happened outside. Caroline was in tears and came out. You had a call from the White House. I know there are a lot of things on your mind about meeting with Khruschev and your trip abroad. But let me tell you something: Nothing that will happen during your Presidency will be as important as how Caroline turns out. And don't forget it.

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