Reminder: You’re Dope

We read a lot of motivational quotes—on Instagram, Twitter, water bottles, signs, t-shirts, posters. Some of them really mean something, or are seen at just the right time, while others aren’t even grammatically correct. But regardless of what they say, the reason they’re everywhere is similar: To get likes. I’m kidding, kind of.

In a world where we are constantly being told how we should look, what we should eat/watch/read/wear, what size we should be, what kind of haircut we should have or how much we should make an hour, day or year, sometimes, a lot of the time, we often need a reminder that we don’t actually have to do all that shit to be awesome. We need to be reassured that we actually have it a lot more together than we think. That we don’t have to compare ourselves to influencers on Instagram or friends on Facebook. Sometimes, we need the daily reminder that we got this.

That’s the same thought that goes through my head when my alarm rings at 4:45am on Tuesday before a 6am FLYWheel class or when I’m prepping myself for a chat with someone important at the office. It was the same thing I was thinking when I drafted an Instagram post that said:

“This week’s to-do: Drink water, mind your business, get shit done. - Notes from a Unicorn.”

It made me laugh, but it also made me think: What if I could spread this motivational sassiness worldwide? A few chats with friends, a little time on Google, a basic mock-up and a few emails later, I received an email from a publishing company saying “We’d like to publish your calendar “Advice From a Unicorn” for 2018.”

How many things are you putting off until tomorrow? What situations or relationships are you questioning or doubting for reasons you can’t control? I believe it is essential to really think about what you want, need and deserve and how you’re going to make changes in your life to get all of it. This belief of doing and being more was my motivation.

I told myself from the start, just take a chance, which I likely read scrolling through Instagram. But what I truly learned with this project is that it’s not so much how these quotes make you feel, but what you do with that inspiration, how you react, what you achieve that truly matters.

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