How To Remove Glitter Makeup Without Wrecking Your Skin

Those shiny disco ball jokes stop here!
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You may not have gone to Miley Cyrus-like extremes with your New Year's Eve makeup, and managed to ring in 2016 covered in glitter. The metallic eyeshadow that brightened up your orbs has crept down to your cheeks, and the shimmering nail art you painted on at the last minute is still holding on for dear life. (Signs of a rockin' good time, right?)

But how will you get the glitter off when you have to be at work (or meet up with family and friends)? Don't stress: We have simple tricks to wipe away all that shimmer from Make Up For Ever Pro Artist Lijha Stewart and celebrity manicurist Kimmie Kyees.

Use a gentle eye makeup remover like Sens'Eyes to remove waterproof and highly-pigmented products without ending up with greasy residue. Be careful not to rub your eyes or lips aggressively -- it will cause more redness and can actually push glitter into the eyes and mouth.

Start by saturating a cotton pad with your makeup remover, place on top of the eye area and lips, then gently wipe off product in small circular motions. To remove any remaining glitter, wash your face using a foaming face wash and a warm wash cloth.

Instead of scrubbing with a face wipe, which can increase redness and irritation, try an oil-based makeup remover. This will emulsify all makeup and leave your skin soft.

The best way to get glitter nail polish off is to use a cotton pad wet with pure acetone. Wipe the nail until the polish loosens, then dab the nail with the cotton and leave to soak. Continue on to the rest of the nails, changing cotton pads when necessary. When you return to the first nail you left "wet" with polish remover, the product would have broken down the glitter so that it is easy to wipe off.

To care for nails after the glitter is removed, use a soft buffer file to smooth and always apply cuticle oil to replenish the skin and nails from the acetone (as the formula can weaken and dehydrate nails over time).

Have you tried any of these tricks to remove glitter makeup and nail polish? Share your tips in the comments section.

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