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Remove Rust Stains From Your Toilet With A Pumice Stone To Make It Sparkle

It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.

We've come across some great ways to clean the loo but because it's not exactly the most pleasant job, we're always looking for new and easy solutions to help the process. And Bright Nest offered a tip that will help you remove rust stains from your toilet by repurposing a pumice stone.

First, soak the pumice is warm water. Then, using rubber gloves, start scrubbing the rust with the object. As Bright Nest points out it’s very important make sure the surface and pumice are always wet to avoid scratching the porcelain. Next, once you see the stain is gone, flush the toilet and your throne should be sparkling.

You can use this trick on other porcelain fixtures around the house -- just make sure you're using it for particularly stubborn stains so your surface stays intact.

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