Rémy Martin Designs Rings To Make Women Drink Cognac, Apparently

One of the great questions of our generation (according to marketers): how can companies get women to drink cognac?

The House of Rémy Martin -- also known as "the heart of cognac" -- worked with art students on how to combine cognac with "the art of seduction." Merve Kahnraman, a graduate of Central St. Martin's, designed the final collection, including the below ring and a cognac glass necklace:

remy martin

“Basically, we asked the students to link our cognac -- the bottle, the decanter and the way of tasting cognac -- with the art of seduction,” Remy Martin’s Manon Missonge said in an interview with NPR. ”Merve investigated the tasting ritual from the feminine perspective.”

We're not sure a ring -- which as The Gloss' Elizabeth Licata points out, looks like a less delicious ring pop -- is quite what we'd be looking for, even if we were the type of ladies to be talked into drinking cognac because of a piece of jewelry. Holding it level all night seems like a commitment, and won't the dregs drip all over you afterwards? Seems like a nice, normal glass might make the process a whole lot easier.

Back to the drawing board, we think.



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