Renée Zellweger Says Criticism About Her Appearance Is 'Part Of The Job'

"In my home, you know, I'm not aware of it."

Renée Zellweger has no time for people who want to comment on her appearance.

On a recent "Today" interview, the "Bridget Jones" actress talked about how she dealt with criticism of her looks that emerged after an appearance at the 2014 Elle Women In Hollywood Awards. 

"I remember a couple of years ago people were talking about, 'Oh, she changed her appearance,'" anchor Sheinelle Jones said. "Does it bother you, does it get to you or is it just par for the course?"

"It's not really part of my life," Zellweger answered. "It's part of the job that I don't experience except when I step into this arena. In my home, you know, I'm not aware of it. I don't do any kind of social media, so I don't see it. I like to have -- I guess you would call them real experiences." 

Zellweger told Entertainment Weekly last year that when the comments on her appearance were going viral, she simply didn't read any of the buzz surrounding her. 

"When people come up to me to ask ‘How did that feel?’ I don’t know, and I like it like that," Zellweger said. "I don’t know. I know it sounds pretty unlikely that a person might be able to make herself, I guess, keep clear of those words or of that experience, but I have and it takes effort. But I have succeeded." 



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