Rene‐Thierry Magon De La Villehuchet's Widow Speaks Out, Calls Madoff 'A Murderer'' (VIDEO)

In an interview with Fox Business scheduled to air tonight, Claudine de la Villehuchet, the widow of French investor Rene‐Thierry Magon De La Villehuchet, blamed Bernard Madoff for her husband's suicide. "He killed my husband," she said to Fox Business. Mr. de la Villehuchet committed suicide in December after he lost more than $1 billion of his client's money in the Madoff scandal.

In her first interview since her husband's death, Claudine de la Villehuchet called Madoff "a murderer," and also mentioned that she didn't believe Ruth Madoff had any knowledge of her husband's misdeeds. de la Villehuchet's family has lost their entire savings, and Claudine now faces the possibility of losing her home, according to Fox Business.


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