Reno Air Crash Video: Dramatic New Footage Shows Plane At Moment Of Impact

Dramatic new footage of last Friday's deadly air show crash shows the doomed 1940s-model P-51 Mustang piloted by 74-year-old veteran racer Jimmy Leeward plummeting to the ground just before exploding on impact.

So far, the tragic accident at the National Championship Air Races and Air Show in Reno has claimed 11 lives, with the latest victim confirmed dead on Monday. (See a list of the victims here.) It is already the deadliest crash in American air-racing history.

In addition to the fatalities, nearly 70 people were injured, with five remaining in a nearby hospital. According to CNN, four are in critical condition.

Why the plane spun out of control remains a mystery, but investigators hope to recover information from data and video recording devices inside the plane that could help them pinpoint what went wrong with the high-powered plane that was capable of reaching speeds of up to 400 miles per hour, according to The New York Times.

Friday's accident has raised concerns about safety at air shows across the country. But at least one fan will not be deterred from attending next year's Reno race. Dave Desmon, a Boeing pilot who lost two friends at the air show, told the Associated Press he is undeterred from returning.

"I will get my ticket and I will be standing in that same spot next year," Desmon said.

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