Renter Rules Go Too Far In This Unbelievable Letter From Landlord (PHOTO)

Seriously, this is epic.

We’ve all experienced bad landlords, but we have to say, we’ve never encountered someone quite like this before.

Londoner Laura Evelyn posted a photo on her Twitter account of “house rules” she was given after viewing a room for rent -- and boy, were the rules epic. The list contained 31 very weird do’s and don’ts for the house including one that prohibits overnight guests unless discussed with the landlord two weeks in advance. Also, showers could not last longer than 15 minutes from 6-10 AM and 7-11 PM. Yikes!

Our personal favorite however is number nine, which states (please excuse grammatical errors as punctuation is clearly not a part of this homeowner’s agenda) “there is NO LIVING ROOM INCLUDED only room so if you sit in kitchen area which is MY PERSONAL LIVING SPACE you must eat then was up and go back to room.“

Now, we can’t say this guy is all that bad. According to Laura Evelyn, the price for the room was very, very reasonable. Head over to Reddit to read more and see the full list of rules and leave a comment about your worst landlord experience!

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