Rep. Alan Grayson Is Proud To Be AIPAC

Rep. Alan Grayson Is Proud To Be AIPAC
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Max Blumenthal has a terrific piece here on Alan Grayson, the Democratic Congressman from Florida.

It turns out that Grayson -- who opposes America's efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan -- supports Israeli policies 100%, including the horrific Gaza war.

What gives? The answer is simple. Grayson doesn't get any flack for opposing the Iraq and Afghan wars but AIPAC will go ballistic if he deviates an iota from their line on Gaza and the occupation.

AIPAC is for liberals what the NRA is for the right. The only difference is that the right's infatuation with guns fits in with its whole philosophy. For liberals and progressives, supporting occupation and wars like Gaza is the antithesis of their worldview.

Bottom line. A legislator is only courageous if he or she takes positions that cost them something. Using that yardstick, there are damn few courageous members of Congress.

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