Rep. Johnson: Level of Police Violence Against Black Women and Girls Unacceptable

Congressman Johnson, alarmed at violence against women -- and black women in particular -- gave the following speech on the House floor today:

M. Speaker, a few weeks ago I came to this floor and said it felt like open season on black men.

People around the country agree that the police killings undermine the efforts of good police and break the trust between police and their communities.

Black women and girls face the same threats, and many more.

Unsettling video of a police officer in Texas manhandling an unarmed 15 year old girl in a bathing suit serves as a wakeup call to us all.

The arrest and death of Sandra Bland reminds us that the fight for equal justice under law continues.

But Black women also face a unique and too often unreported violence, sexual assault.

In Oklahoma, an officer is on trial for sexually assaulting 8 black women.

Tragically, this story is not unique.

The challenges black men face are real, but I was humbled to learn how unequal justice affects black women.

Black women are the fastest growing prison population and their stories must be told if we are going to break this trend.

Mr. Speaker, it is open season on all Americans.

It is time for us to come together and reform our justice system to build trust.

I yield back.