Rep. Pete Hoekstra Complains About Late Night

Ahh, the life of a typical member of Congress is pretty sweet. You are well paid, you get your own nice office, a staff to do the heavy lifting, lobbyists who will not only tell you what to think but pay so that you can return to Capitol Hill again and again and continue not thinking. When so many Americans are going without health care, you've got a nice health care plan paid for by their sweat. And when the economy's in turmoil, you get to ride it out in a job that's extremely hard to lose -- though if you do, all that means is that you emerge from the cocoon of the legislative branch as a butterfly ready to drink the milkweed of corporate boards and special interest shops and think tanks and freebie print columns. It's nice work if you can get it, and for most of those that do, you can't imagine them doing any other job. Such is their incompetence.

But at the same time, every once in a while your elected officials find that GOVERNMENTING IS HARD! Luckily, they have Twitter at the ready, to bleat out 140 characters of bitching.

Hey, Pete! This job too tough for you, go ahead and resign, maybe? Nothing special or essential about you, son. I'm sure Michigan can scrounge up another Republican representative that's at least as good as you at whatever it is you are doing.

Same goes for the rest of you jerks.

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