Rep. Reichert: Obama "Will Steal Money Out of Your Wallets"

Last week's performance at the Washington State Republican Convention wasn't the first time Rep. Dave Reichert laughed at the thought of Hillary Clinton plummeting to her death from an airplane; as the TNT's Niki Sullivan reported back in March, he delivered the same "joke" before the Pierce County Republicans at their annual Lincoln Day Breakfast in Tacoma. But that wasn't the congressman's only questionable quip of the day:

At one point in the speech, he reminded people that Barack Obama may seem friendly and electable, but he's a liberal, "and he will steal money out of your wallets and purses."

The crowd was silent.

So... a famously former sheriff warns the crowd that a black man is going to steal their wallets? Yeah, I can imagine the stunned silence. (Though personally, I always cross the street whenever I see Barack Obama coming toward me on a sidewalk. You can never be too careful.)

(Sigh.) And this is the best Washington's 8th Congressional District has to offer?

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